Psychic Tarot

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue PH.D & Radleigh Valentine. Psychic tarot combines the knowledge and wisdom of the traditional tarot cards and my psychic abilities; to give you a reading that is relevant, helpful and inspiring. Any one seeking help and guidance in regards their career, relationships, finances, health and other topics my benefit from receiving a psychic tarot card reading. 

How it works:

Through my extensive experience and learning in Tarot I have great confidence in the cards to give my clients the messages they need to receive. Depending on the subject you have there are different spreads and decks I will use to give you a clearer picture. I can tap to the past present and future, to help you understand where you are now, what you have been doing in the past, and where you are heading.


The information that I share with you is not carved on stone but rather an indication to where you will be heading based on the current and past efforts and actions you took till date. Our reality is based on the Law of attraction and other universal laws we are not victims. At any time we can change our direction and pursue a new one. We are the masters of our own reality. 

For a Tarot card reading the location is: 

West Yorkshire

Address: London, UK  Email:

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