Psychic Medium

I am a certified medium by the lovely and inspirational spiritual teacher, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

As a medium my mission is to re-connect people whom are missing a loved one that passed. This also reminds us that we never die or seize to exist after departing from our physical bodies, instead we transit from one phase to another. 

My Channeling  journey started in 2015 and ever since I have been open to connecting to Higher Beings of Light(1); Angels(2), Guides(3), and to Spirits(4)

After witnessing the comfort and closure that many of my clients, friends and family members experienced after a Mediumship session with their loved ones whom passed, I found it important to share this gift of peace and love. 

For a Mediumship session the location is: 

West Yorkshire


Further knowledge:

1 Higher beings of light are beings whom hold high vibrations and good intentions towards humanity.

2 Angels are non denominational beings not linked to any specific religion or culture love to help us humans if we allow them to do so.

3 Guides are higher vibration beings that know about our life plan and support us continuously to fulfil our life purpose and through our life lessons.

4 Spirits are souls of the people whom physically departed their bodies.

Address: London, UK  Email:

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