Many ask what is meditation? Many doubt being able to meditate at the time they are meditating on a daily basis without even noticing. How many times were you stressed and had the urge to go out, take a walk in nature at the beach or play with your kids; Or even decide it is time to clean the whole house, or may be cook just because it is 'therapeutic'.


These decisions are among many from which we deal with our perceived realties to quite the mind and receive inspiration. Meditation is the practice of identifying your true self your true essence, meditation is connecting with infinite a world of unlimited possibilities where every thing exists. Meditation is being released from the fake reality people believe to be all that is and access what is beyond your senses & brake the code. 

Join me in my enjoyable easy to do meditations classes, I will be guiding you through the meditations to help you in expanding your consciousness and awareness. There are a series of meditations that go under one topic like: Knowing your true identity - Clearing energy with your divine self - Awakening your spiritual power. Note: Further details of the meditations and venues are to be confirmed. 

Besides various single mediations that help in improving your understanding of your self, environment and your life. Subjects covered are: Age regression - Attracting your soul mate - Becoming positive - Becoming self confident - Creating money - Living with joy - Flowing with the universe - Radiating unconditional love and many more. 


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