As a Usui Reiki therapist (practitioner) and a Master in Angelic Reiki. Have studied and been attuned to both modalities by experienced loving masters.


Usui reiki introduced me to the beautiful world of energy healing. Angelic Reiki opened me up to the magnificent reality of the Angelic Kingdom and Ascended masters. Since I have been attuned to the Angelic kingdom I have been attached to it and sharing it with family, friends and clients. Angelic Reiki is so beautiful uplifting loving and caring. I love sharing this beautiful gift with others.

Angelic Reiki:

Many ask how it works? it is simple as an energy healer I find my self as an initiator of the Angelic healing energy which can be accompanied with Ascended masters and other Higher beings of light's healing energies. I see my self as a conduit to these healing energies sharing them with others. 

Angelic reiki treatments can help in healing on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and multidimensional levels. This means the healing can be directed towards any ailment regardless of its source and nature as everything is energy. As long as you are ready to heal, forgive and your higher self (spirit) allows the healing as you learned the lessons related to ailment or discomfort.

Many may feel the subtle energies of the Angels(1) and Ascended masters(2) during the treatment, it all depends how open you are and receptive. I personally always feel the connection when it happens with the Angelic kingdom and the Ascended masters, besides their presence. 

For Reiki treatments the location is: 

West Yorkshire


Further knowledge:

1 Angels are non denominational beings not linked to any specific religion or culture love to help us humans if we allow them to do so.

2 Ascended masters on the other hand are beings whom incarnated on planet earth and have ascended as they experienced enlightenment, they still love to serve us humans if we allow them to do so examples of Ascended masters are the consciousness of Jesus and Buddha.

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