Developed a new Coaching system based on existing disciplines such as Coaching, Angelic Reiki, Psychic reading through Tarot, Emotional Freedom Technique and Manifesting. Integrated them together to help those whom are struggling to achieve certain goals in their lives. We all start new projects all the time, we get to be inspired about new ideas which seam initially to be amazing, the main issue that many face is that we are not able to carry out these dreams for many reasons. With this revolutionary new system I will be working with you step by step to identify the objectives you would like to work on now, clear obstacles and manifest to create the shift and change you deserve and have been dreaming of.

Outline of program:

1st session we get to know each other, what you would like to work on and I explain more how this program will work. Give homework.

2nd session we will work on identifying either your life purpose, or what may be your next project if you don't know what it is, to get clearer guidance and direction through the Tarot Cards. Give homework.

3rd session we try to clear obstacles and energy blockages you may have through an Angelic Reiki Healing treatment to move on with the coaching with a fresh start energy wise. Give homework.

4th Develop a plan on what you need to do to achieve your goal. Give homework.

5th Learn about Emotional Freedom Technique, to tap on emotions feelings limiting believes that usually stop you from moving forward towards achieving your goals in life. Give homework.

6th Manifestation techniques to help you create the habit of expecting, seeing and feelings positive results. Give homework.

7th Follow up on progress and support for maintaining the success and keep moving forward towards your dreams.

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